52 lists – Ten sites I visited & loved today

1) Popsugar, where I learnt how to make garbage bin refreshers.

2) The HBO documentary site, where I watched a film about a lady in her 40s who decided to have a baby alone.

3) Daily OM, where you’ll find online courses for your mind, body & soul. And other wank.

4) Dooce, the funniest blogger I know.

5) Joy the baker, who eats weird stuff like potato chips on top of tuna salad on top of burnt toast.

6) Decor 8 where this week they featured a salad of flowers. So pretty!

7) This site, promoting progressive dinners through Surry Hills. Anyone want to do this with me?

8) This food blog that has a recipe for the most amazing looking frozen yoghurt. Not low cal!

9) Another food blogger’s site who has a recipe for a healthy version of nutella.

10) This site with recipes for ten yummy salads. I always need inspiration like this for work day lunches.

What have you checked out on line today?

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