52 lists – Ten sites I visited & loved today

1) Popsugar, where I learnt how to make garbage bin refreshers.

2) The HBO documentary site, where I watched a film about a lady in her 40s who decided to have a baby alone.

3) Daily OM, where you’ll find online courses for your mind, body & soul. And other wank.

4) Dooce, the funniest blogger I know.

5) Joy the baker, who eats weird stuff like potato chips on top of tuna salad on top of burnt toast.

6) Decor 8 where this week they featured a salad of flowers. So pretty!

7) This site, promoting progressive dinners through Surry Hills. Anyone want to do this with me?

8) This food blog that has a recipe for the most amazing looking frozen yoghurt. Not low cal!

9) Another food blogger’s site who has a recipe for a healthy version of nutella.

10) This site with recipes for ten yummy salads. I always need inspiration like this for work day lunches.

What have you checked out on line today?


Along with every other blogger in the universe doing the same post this week, here is my now.

Making: Birthday hampers for Juanita & Sheela :)

Cooking: Lamb shank, fennel & vegetable soup

Drinking: Bullet proof coffee

Reading: Good Weekend from yesterday & the Good Food insert from last Tuesday

Wanting: A day to sit on my butt and do nothing

Looking: Forward to Syrian food for Dinner Club on Friday night

Playing: Langhorne Slim. But it’s driving Husband mad because it sounds a bit country

Wasting: Half a purple cabbage that went mouldy before I could eat it

Sewing: Is not something I can nor want to do

 I had a different job

Enjoying: The amazing truffles I made at our chocolate course yesterday

Waiting: For an online order to arrive in time for a special someone’s birthday

Liking: The glorious sunshine we’ve had this weekend

Wondering: How I can get ripped arms without joining a gym

Loving: My tea cosy. It’s a bit nana, but I really do love tea cosies

Hoping: That I have a productive week

Marvelling: At this tofu miso ramen buger. Cool idea.

Needing: To get mentally prepared for a big week

Smelling: The scent from my slow cooker wafting up the stairs

Wearing: Gardening clothes

Following: My first ever tumblr and remembering why I hate that site

Noticing: That it’s starting to get cold inside and its making my toes feel numb

Knowing: That a one hour work out is 4% of my day. I have the time

Thinking: That surrounding yourself with likeminded people is good for the soul

Bookmarking: This etsy shop which is filled with such cute crocheted curiosities!

Opening: Feedly with trepidation. I’m so behind on all my blog reading

Giggling: At Marieke Hardy calling Jayne Eyre an emo. Very true!

Feeling: First world problem-y


Your turn!