52 lists – favourite 80s bands

Do you have a particular time period of fashion or music that you really dislike? For me, it’s the 80s. I was aged 0 through to 10 in the 80s so my recollection of things is not great. But from what I do remember, there wasn’t really any clothes or music that I loved.

However, I did kind of like:

– Whitney Houston
I know, I know, she isn’t a band but her album Whitney Houston was the first cassette tape I ever bought. I actually forgot that she died last year and just gave myself a shock rediscovering this!


-Mel & Kim
Their album was the second cassette tape I ever bought. Sadly, Mel became sick with cancer not long after they made it ‘big’. She ended up passing away from pneumonia, which she contracted because her immune system was so weak from the chemo. Terrible tale.


– Bros
Remember these guys? I had a family friend a few years older than me who was obsessed with Bros. Her bedroom was adorned with their posters. I felt forced to like them!

– New Kids on the Block
Because, well, Hanging Tough.


What about you? Any 80s bands you think were ok?

7 thoughts on “52 lists – favourite 80s bands

  1. Lol! I was partial to a bit of Bon Jovi, 1927 and Bananarama too! Don’t mind rockin out to a few of those numbers on occasion still! ;)

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