52 lists – things I can see right now

Walter Bishop
Walter Bishop


From where I sit at my computer right now I can see:

– The beautiful illustration of Walter from Fringe, pictured above.
Alissa gave me this for my birthday and it was the perfect present. I love having Dr Bishop watch over me while I work/blog/play.

– My husband, wearing his new Oculus Rift.
I bought Ian this for HIS birthday but it’s only just recently arrived. It’s a virtual reality head set for immersive gaming. Yep. It’s geekdom here in Mr Jackson’s space. Hard core, gaming, geekdom.

So geeky
So geeky

– The rest of E’s doohickey and whatsit.
The man has two monitors, a steering wheel, plus brake pads for car racing games. There’s a fancy mouse and fancier mouse pad. There’s all manner of hard drives, usb sticks and cords. And a bunch of other unidentifiable nerdy paraphernalia.

– All the paperwork we need to do our tax returns.
We always have to pay in, so generally leave this until the night before it’s due!

– My passport.
Just realised I have to get a new one and don’t have long to sort it out.

– A cupcake shaped egg timer.
We use this when my nephews come. They each get 15 minutes of online time and when the timer goes off, they swap, rinse, repeat.

What are your eyes looking at right now?

2 thoughts on “52 lists – things I can see right now

  1. As well as the computer screen I’m taking in my ocean view. I’ve been at my mother’s for most of the last 3weeks and missed my view more than I realised.

    PS. I’m yet to see the final season of Fringe. I don’t think it’s been on Free-to-Air TV here yet… maybe it won’t be shown at all?! Mind you I’m struggling to remember what happened at the end of the previous season!

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