52 lists – great gigs

I really don’t go to very many gigs. When it comes to plays, musicals, classical music and dance, I’m all over it. But other live music gigs? It’s pretty rare. Mostly because I never seem to know what concerts are on until the night they are happening.

I think I can count on one hand the number of ‘gigs’ I’ve been to in my life.

My first ever gig was a teenage rampage featuring Peter Andre & East 17. Tragic.

I also remember going to watch Jewel when I was younger. More tragedy.

My first ever flat mate and I took a liking to Shane Nicholson. That was back before he married Casey Chambers and became a bit famous. We went to many of his gigs in pubs around Sydney.

E once took me to a Justin Timberlake concert I had THE best time! I’m afraid that this too, is a bit tragic. 

Last year I went to Regina Spektor. I loved it. She was wonderful.

Can this really be it? Deary me. Can someone please force me to go to an actual gig! Why is this not something I do more often?

4 thoughts on “52 lists – great gigs

  1. My first ever concert was Sting (in 1986) and he was AMAZING! I have to admit I’ve been to very few concerts and some quite tragic… (Savage Garden comes to mind); and some kinda embarrassing (James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Duran Duran). Some were more gig-like (Pete Murray for eg) but the only concert I’ve seen in the last few years is Guy Sebastian who came to a local theatre recently. I enjoyed his concert… Paul Kelly was actually there last night but I decided against going. (It’s great to see bands touring the regions a bit more BTW!)

  2. Jay & I love music so we actually see quite a few music gigs! Many relatively unknown acts from FBi Presents (I love discovering new music), jazz/blues acts at The Basement, the Sydney Symphony at least twice a year, and big acts that we love that come from OS…James Taylor, Beyonce, Tarbaby, Destiny’s Child, Macy Grey, Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg, Naughty by Nature, Coldplay, Big Day Out, Boys II Men, No Doubt….quite a few more that I’m sure I’ve forgotten!!!

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