52 lists – Favourite childhood dinners & pets I’ve had.

I think as kids we probably all had a handful of favourite dinners. For me, there were four meals in particular that I was a trifle obsessed with.

1) My absolute favourite meal as a child was spaghetti bolognaise. If I was ever asked what I’d like for dinner, this was what I’d want.

The picture below reminds me so much of  family meals. Obviously when I was little I wasn’t drinking wine, but the pasta with processed parmesan cheese and the salad with superfluous green things was my most favourite dinner!

Spag bol

2) I was also obsessed with spaghetti & meatballs. Not because anyone ever made it for me but because of the song. “On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball, when somebody sneezed.”

To this day I’m not sure I’ve ever actually had spaghetti & meatballs but it’s still just as  appealing to me as it was then. I remember requesting it constantly even though it was never served! I want to be this kid!

On top of spaghetti

3) My other favourite dinner was a lamb roast. My grandfather lived with us and every Monday night, he’d make a lamb roast with all the trimmings, not dissimilar to this one from Snappy Street’s gorgeous blog.

Lamb roast

4) And lastly, my other favourite. Aunty Liz’s crab salad. She used to bring this along to every extended family lunch. It’s not even real crab but seafood extender. And it’s filled with mayo which I am also not too keen on. For some reason though, this dish was a favourite! I really loved her garlic spaghetti salad too.

Crab salad

And now onto another topic. Pets! The last time I did a little list project on my blog, I mentioned all the pets I’ve had. Check it out! You’ll see a pic of my beautiful dog Mishka! Food to animals. Yeah, we just did that.

What were your favourite childhood meals and what animals did you have as a kid?

8 thoughts on “52 lists – Favourite childhood dinners & pets I’ve had.

  1. I remember always wanting to suck spaghetti up like that kid! But I think my mum either bought short pastas or the spag with the hole in it which created to much air, and didn’t suck well! I always begged for my dad’s garfish, fried just crispy enough to make the bones crunchy and edible. Also loved gluten steaks. Mum never made them so we kids feasted on them like kings when we would visit our grandparents! And my mum’s potato salad (pretty much only made for church luncheons, so I would always worry that I wouldn’t make it to the bowl before it was all gone!). Yum, now I’m hungry :)

  2. I LOVED spaghetti and roasts too! Growing up, Monday night was roast night, Tuesday night was spaghetti! We were also the typical meat and 3 veg kind of family, so I didn’t try Mexican/Indian/Thai until I moved out of home :) Still can’t beat Mum’s rissoles either!

    PS – Thanks for linking back to my blog – you’re too lovely! x

  3. I just made spaghetti and meatballs for the first time a year or so ago.. didn’t live up to the hype.. I’d rather have the meat minced than in ball form.
    Never had a lot of pets.. a pair of turtles that died.. i think some fish over the years. Not really a pet person.

  4. My meals were all very simplistic as a kid – meat and veges. No separate dishes or serving plates (except for the gravy when we had roasts). I didn’t actually eat spaghetti until I was 16yrs old and my brother’s girlfriend’s sister made it and I had no idea how to eat it!

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