52 lists – favourite things of the week

Here’s a bonus list for you! My favourite things about this wonderful week.

1) My sister and her family came to stay.
David & Leigh et al have always been and always will be my favourite guests. Things are easy when they come to stay. Things are funny when they come to stay. And now they have this little thing. Tiggs

Admittedly, this photo was taken at David’s Mum’s house, not mine. But I really feel that this photo captures the very essence of Tiggs. She came and played in our bed for two mornings in a row. They were the best Tuesday & Wednesday I’ve ever had!

2) Travel planning.
My brother in law could be a travel agent. The way that man whips up an itinerary is super impressive. For two nights in a row I could barely sleep because my mind was in Budapest. 13 weeks till Europe! Excited doesn’t cut it!

3) Red Hands Caves Walk
I had Wednesday off and got to hang with David, Leigh, Ethan, Sage & Tiggs. The walk to the Caves took about three hours and we got to picnic as well. Such a good day! Leigh was  a little trooper, carrying Tiggs the whole way.

4) The most productive Saturday in the history of the universe and cosmos. 
I was up early so I could go to the Hawkesbury Harvest Markets. After stocking up on vegetables, I bought a few books at Dymocks then did a trip to Bunnings. Back at home, we opened every door and window and filled the house with fresh air. I filled my deck with washing that dried quickly in the gorgeous sun. Then we painted and tiled and crawled around under the house doing something I don’t understand but that has made the internet faster. I cleaned ceilings (cathedral roofing is such a biatch) and skirting boards, we did another Bunnings trip for garbage bins numbers and new fire alarms. We framed and hung pictures and cooked a lamb roast. We went to bed feeling quite satisfied with ourselves.

5) A Sunday morning with Kylie & Sheela plus a bonus Juanita hug!
I had a little sojourn to Ryde for breakfast this morning. Sheels & I thoroughly enjoyed our middle eastern meals. Kys on the other hand, bemoaned the fact that she hates Kazbah and shall never return. I was amused :)

On the way out of the restaurant we ran into Juanita & her gorgeous extended family. Such a nice surprise!

Then there was an Ikea trip where the girls and I procured all manner of containers and baskets.

6) 90 minute remedial massages.
E & I each finished off our weekends with massages. I finally feel rid of the blasted neck pain I keep experiencing. Can you get a neck transplant? Or a neck re-construction? I want both!

Hope you had a good week. Highlights?


2 thoughts on “52 lists – favourite things of the week

  1. Love that self satisfied productive feeling! We had that this last w/e too doing things I’ve already forgotten!

    You were right near me!! Next time you must come over.

    Tiggs looks so cute :-D

  2. I started yoga, and did a few classes, so that’s been my highlight of July. And how cute is Tiggs in that red and pink cardigan?!

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