52 lists – favourite cook books

A few years ago I had a massive cook book clean out. I gave away all of the books I’d accumulated but never used. Now the books on my shelf are strictly my favourites.

Sometimes I forget that I actually have cook books. Every now and again I find myself wondering what I ate before Pinterest and blogs. What did I cook? Then I’ll see my shelf and be reminded that it’s nice to page through an actual cook book sometimes!

From left to right on my shelf we have: What's on my shelf Australian Women’s Weekly Great Beef Cookbook – I gave this to Ian way back when he lived by himself and it’s moved around with him for years. Australian Women’s Weekly

BBQ Cook Book – I’ve made lots out of this book, but ironically never anything that has needed to be BBQ’d.

Donna Hay Modern Classics 1 & 2 – The first of these two focuses on savoury and the second on sweets. I’m more partial to the second book :) Women’s Weekly Slow Cooking – If you have a slow cooker then this book is a must!

Food Safari, French Food Safari & Italian Food Safari – I have all the DVDs too!

Bills Sydney Food – I have to say that I’d actually like to own every SINGLE one of Bill’s books. He is like my spirit chef!

What Katie Ate – If you’re a foodie and don’t follow her blog I’d be very suprised. Katie is amazing. Her recipes are nutritious, easy and the food photography is stunning!

Women’s Weekly Classic Cakes – This is one of those books that you pick up, start paging through and then feel  crippled with indecision!

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet – Everyone has a copy of this on their bookshelf, am I right?

Fairytale Food – Alissa bought me this beautifully illustrated book. It’s quite enchanting with recipes for things like Stepmother stew, Jack’s magic bean salad, Princess & the pea soup, Beauty & the beast burgers and Peter pancakes.

Jamie’s 15 minute meals – I’m a massive Jamie fan but I have to say, I really don’t like the way he combines all the methods for multiple dishes within the one recipe.

A Feast of Ice & Fire – THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THRONES COOKBOOK. Thank you David!

The No Excuses Cook Book & Crunch Time Cook Book – Both my Michelle Bridges.

Penguin Classic Cookbooks from Kylie Kwong & Stephanie Alexander – I love me a Penguin Classic. That signature orange is always welcome on my shelf.

Spice Notes & Recipes – This ginormous spice encyclopaedia was another gift from Lis. I haven’t bought a pre made spice mix since I received this book for my 30th.

I Quit Sugar – Sarah Wilson drives me completely bonkers as a person but when it comes to her recipes, I’m a fan. There’s lots of good paleo stuff in this one.

Asian Dumplings – I’m pretty good with dumplings, me.

Do you have a favourite book? Do you only keep cook books that you really love?

3 thoughts on “52 lists – favourite cook books

  1. I used to collect cookbooks willy nilly… However I’m with you neens… Get rid of the ones that don’t make you want to put on an apron and dance in the kitchen! I also used to only like books with pictures, but my wise husband has convinced me otherwise.

    1. Well hi there! Thanks for stopping by :) I like that – dancing in the kitchen! And I think that maybe when you first start cooking, pictures are important. As you get better though, you can visualise things yourself and the pictures aren’t so necessary. Cook on!

  2. You have a nice variety :) I think you know by my bookshelf that I cannot part with cookbooks! And as for a favourite? I could not possibly choose just one! I have become more discerning with my cookbook purchasing though :) I currently have a particular fondness for Ottolenghi’s Plenty, my old school Jill Dupleix book, and Bill Granger’s Feed Me Now! As for the rest? I love flipping through them on a regular basis, getting inspiration and information (Nigella’s How To Cook is one of my fave reference books).

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