52 lists – good things about my town

From Dept of Enviro siteI quite enjoy living in the Blue Mountains. Our little part of the world is great because we get the beauty of being in a world heritage area, but we aren’t so far up the mountain that it’s a mission to get to the City. Best of both world’s really. 

My favourite, favourite things about my mountain town are:

1) Blackheath Farmers Markets, on the second Sunday of every month. The produce there is fantastic and because it’s so cold at the top of the mountain, all the dogs come along wearing jumpers!

2) Red hands cave, which I walked to for the first time this week. It has stencils and hand prints from between 500-1600 years ago!

Red hands cave

3) Bakehouse on Park which serves outstanding carbohydrates! There are stores in Glenbrook, Leura & Blackheath.

4) The walks. Oh the walks. I love a good bush walk. I love how cleaned out your lungs feel, I love how much the inclines make your leg ache ache and I love being surrounded by quiet. The only downside is the bush latrine situation! That, my friends, is no fun at all.

5) The endless sea of eucalyptus trees that are the reason the mountains are blue. As explained in Local Heroes, their leaves are covered in tiny droplets of oil that disperse into the atmosphere, mixing with water vapours in the air. The light hits these globules causing a dazzling display of blue.

Lying on my back, looking up at the sun streaming through the trees is one of my favourite things to do.


6) Schwarz German Bakery in Wentworth Falls. I like to take visitors there for pretzels and pastries. You can quote me on this  -Nom, nom nom.

7) The lake at Wentworth Falls. It’s just beautiful there. The perfect place to lie and while away the day.

8) Josophans Fine Chocolates. This place. OH MAH GOSH. Triple exclamation marks.

As the name suggests, Josophan’s creates very fine chocolates indeed. She uses only Fair Trade certified chocolates and fresh flavour infusions with no preservatives and  no artificial flavours. Her hot chocolates are my personal favourite. And when one lives in a cold mountain town, I feel it is mandatory to provide my guests with as many hot beverage options as possible. Therefore I’m obliged to buy every different version of Josophan’s hot chocolate.

Leigh & David gave Ian & I a truffle making course for my birthday and I cannot wait to do it! 

9) The Wellness Centre in Faulconbridge. We’ve found our new remedial massage therapist! I never thought anyone would be as good as Gabriella from Glebe but  we’re now convinced we’ve found her mountain clone. You walk out of this centre feeling blissed to the eyeballs. It’s heaven.

10) I also really like living close to lovely people like Sheela, Kylie & Emma :)

Hope you can all come and visit (again) soon!


2 thoughts on “52 lists – good things about my town

  1. So many reasons to live where we live :) You are so very good at getting out and experiencing the mountains!

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