From my eyeballs to yours

If you have a spare five minutes today, can you please watch this sweet video about giraffes? I love it so much that I just want everyone else to watch it too! G-raffs are my favourite animal and this little video really made me laugh! I’d like to believe it’s real :)

I saw a Bangarra Dance Theatre performance this week. I love Bangarra and even though Blak isn’t the best one I’ve ever seen, it’s still worth going to. They are about to travel around the country so go if you can!

Sometimes when I watch contemporary dance, I kid myself that it’s same kind of thing that I do at home. I regularly make up dances for my husband which I’d like to think look kiiiiinnnd of Bangarra -esque.

I think if I just had a choreographer and other people to do the same moves at the same time, it could be quite something.  Although of course there is the small problem that my dance routines usually end with me on the floor in fits of giggle. (And I’m not fit enough either but whatever).


At the Sydney Film Festival a week or so ago I was moved by a beautiful documentary called Buckskin. It won the prize for best doco and it’ll be on ABC later in the year so please watch out for it.

It’s about Jack Buckskin, an indigenous Australian from Adelaide who is on a mission to renew Kaurna, one of the lost Aboriginal languages. Jack taught himself to speak Kaurna using old records that were kept by German missionaries. He is now the only person in the world fluent in the language. He’s teaching his little girl and also running classes for students and future language teachers.

Amongst a lot of really sad indigenous tales in this country, this story stuck out to me as positive and inspirational. At the festival we got to meet the young (20 year old!!) director who made the film after being given a tiny grant from the ABC. It was so touching and well put together.

And my favourite quote from the movie was from Jack’s uncle, who said that in his experience, people who have a strong sense of culture tend to walk through their lives in a more grounded way than others.


The second film I saw at the festival was a cute french movie called  Mood Indigo. It starred Audrey Tautou who is pretty much one of my top two girl crushes. Mood Indigo

On the film festival website, this movie is described as follows:

“Colin and Chloe meet, fall in love and enter into an idyllic marriage. Then Chloe begins to suffer from a strange illness: a water lily begins to grow in her lungs. Colin is forced to spend all his money in an attempt to cure her, as the world around them begins to fall apart. A whimsical, magical and romantic tale, Mood Indigo is innovative and captivating.”

A water lily growing from her lungs? I mean it just had WTF written all over it. I had to go! And it was SO well made. Really abstract and quite melancholic too.

The doctor who realises Chloe has a water lily growing in her lungs decides that the only cure is for her to be surrounded by flowers. The film starts off with a really bright, cartoonish feel, but then as the tulips and roses wither, the aesthetic evolves into something darker.

I think it might be one of best movies I’ve seen in a long time and I cannot wait for it to come out on DVD.

So that’s what my eyeballs have been up to. Yours?

4 thoughts on “From my eyeballs to yours

  1. Oh those giraffes were delightful! I like to imagine what animals do when humans aren’t there to watch them :) Dis you see the two hanging giraffes after the credits?!

  2. I haven’t seen Bangarra for years but loved them last time I did.

    Perhaps they should have used giraffes in that recent TV show Celebrity Splash… it might have rated better!

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