52 lists – things I’d like to find in my fridge (and freezer)

I’d love to open my fridge door now and find:

This cherry yoghurt.

Cherry yoghurt

 A bowl of each of these three soups, just waiting to be reheated.  The first one is Sweet Pea & Tarragon soup. My friend Amber once made me a tea cup full of chilled pea soup. I’ve always wanted to have that again and I think this recipe would do the trick.
I’ve been making both the scallop and cauliflower soup and the broccoli soup quite a lot lately. Both are delish! In the cauliflower soup recipe, I substitute the cream and milk for coconut milk. PicMonkey Collage

 In the sweet department, I would love to see a delicious cheesecake magically appear in my fridge. Preferably German style like Mel made for me once. Or the Bill Granger one that Kylie & Sheela have perfected. I’ve been feeling like cheesecake for weeks.

I’d also love one of these chilli lime watermelon iceblocks or one of these pistachio cannoli.


What do you wish you would find in your fridge if you opened the door right now?

3 thoughts on “52 lists – things I’d like to find in my fridge (and freezer)

  1. Mouth watering.

    Id like to find a breakfast parfait, coconut macaroons & pea and ham soup I’ve been meaning to make. Id also like some fresh squeezed pineapple and watermelon juice….


    1. I love pea and ham soup. E & I used to eat lots of it before bullet proof :)

      Can’t stop thinking about cheesecake. Today the first site I logged in to had a cheesecake recipe on it!

  2. For me it’d be cheesecake and stuff like that. But… I can’t have stuff on hand because I then just eat it. I kinda wish my mum was handier (although she’s now only 40km away) cos then I could just pop by for my fix whenever I wanted it. (Though guess I’m kinda doing that now!!!)

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