52 lists – things next to my bed

Next to my bed you will see:

– A lamp

– 2 x Moroccan style baskets from Ikea. One is filled with cosmetics and the other with hair ties

– An Aromatherapy Company candle

– A beautiful book about things to do in the Blue Mountains

– Lorna Jane’s book. It’s her story but also includes lots of info about clean eating and exercise

– The Lonely Planet guide to Europe

– A fraction of the whole and Jasper Jones, the two next books on my reading list

What’s beside your bed? Ian’s beside table has only one book and then a tangle of cords and chargers.


4 thoughts on “52 lists – things next to my bed

  1. On my side is my bedside table with: a bottle of water, speakers for my iPod, tissues, pic of my dad and small container of his ashes, vaseline for lips and my worry dolls.

    On the other side (to fit into my new place) is my desk complete with iMac, printer, modem, phone chargers, filing cabinet and so forth…

    I mostly read in the bath so it’s rare to have a book in my bedroom! ;-)

      1. I’m just ultra careful!!! Although I do have some books with crinkled pages and the occasional red wine stain! ;-)

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