52 lists – places I want to go

The list of places I want to go is long. The longest. So I’ll just mention those on the top of my ‘to travel to’ list.

1. Amsterdam
2. Prague
3. Vienna
4. Ljubljana
5. Zagreb
6. Budapest
7. Bratislava
8. Krakow
9. Warsaw

Aaaannnnd it just so happens that I’ll be visiting all of these places in October.

I think we’ll also be swinging by Berlin (as you do) because E has suddenly decided that he wants to learn German. I’ve been to Berlin before and it’s certainly one of the coolest cities I’ve visited so I’m more than happy to return.

We’re also going to Bohemia! I’ve been reading about the bone chapel in Kutna Hora and am totally intrigued.

So it’s full blown excitement mode at the Jackson house right now. How long until a count down is appropriate?