Weird food combos

I love a weird food combo. I pretend I don’t, when I first come across them. But then the combo stays in my mind until I try it.

This happened to me awhile ago with Billy Law’s Cola Chicken. I saw the recipe on Cook Republic (as per the pic below) and was appalled that someone would be so unhealthy as to use coke in cooking. But then I couldn’t get the idea out of my idea. I tried it and it was AMAZE! Not something to eat regularly though!


Here’s a few other weird combos that have caught my eye recently:

Hotdogs wrapped with bacon and stuffed with peanut butter! This one’s from a historic gastronomist featured on the etsy blog here.

Hot dogCarrot cake porridge

Carrot cake oatmeal

Peanut butter & pickle sandwich

Peanut butter and pickles

And then on Stone Soup the other day, there were some food combo suggestions from Tim Ferriss. He suggested:

:: cayenne pepper and salt on mango
:: cinnamon and chilli powder on vanilla ice cream
:: soy sauce on vanilla ice cream
:: cinnamon on bacon
:: almond butter on hamburger

So, would you dare try any of these?

6 thoughts on “Weird food combos

  1. Oh dear…I think my mind gets the better of me in these combos! I’d never say never (except to cheeseburger soup!!) But I feel like I’m gagging right now! Sausages and peanut butter? Yikes! That carrot porridge looks ok. However, I can confirm that chilli and salt (maybe with lemon) on mango (especially if its thinly sliced green mango) is mouthwatering! I also love my corn on the cob if its been rubbed with a lemon wedge that has been dipped in a chilli-salt mix! Yum! Okay, so maybe I’m not adverse to a combo!

  2. I would try the carrot cake porridge – love porridge, love carrot cake = what could go wrong?! Though I’d ONLY try it without the raisins as I consider their addition to be a travesty.

  3. 5. Periwinkles Many English wrinkle their noses at the idea of happy French people gobbling down servings of snails doused with garlic and yet one of the great traditional foods of northern England is the common periwinkle, a form of sea snail. The winkle isn’t large and after they’ve been collected they need to be soaked in fresh water for 12 hours to remove excess sand and salt. Once cleaned, they are boiled and the flesh is then picked out of the shell with a pin giving rise to the term winkle-pickers. They are best served with salt, garlic and butter but can also be served soaked in vinegar if a more piquant flavour is desired. They are generally found on the west coast of England and other Atlantic coastlines. Although quite easy to harvest it takes a lot of winkles to make a meal and many considered it simply not worth the effort. Because they are so small they were often measured in pints and two full beer mugs is said to be able to feed six children or four adults. Also known as Littorina littorea, this little sea snail still remains a popular treat for those who have learnt to enjoy them.

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