Weird food combos

I love a weird food combo. I pretend I don’t, when I first come across them. But then the combo stays in my mind until I try it.

This happened to me awhile ago with Billy Law’s Cola Chicken. I saw the recipe on Cook Republic (as per the pic below) and was appalled that someone would be so unhealthy as to use coke in cooking. But then I couldn’t get the idea out of my idea. I tried it and it was AMAZE! Not something to eat regularly though!


Here’s a few other weird combos that have caught my eye recently:

Hotdogs wrapped with bacon and stuffed with peanut butter! This one’s from a historic gastronomist featured on the etsy blog here.

Hot dogCarrot cake porridge

Carrot cake oatmeal

Peanut butter & pickle sandwich

Peanut butter and pickles

And then on Stone Soup the other day, there were some food combo suggestions from Tim Ferriss. He suggested:

:: cayenne pepper and salt on mango
:: cinnamon and chilli powder on vanilla ice cream
:: soy sauce on vanilla ice cream
:: cinnamon on bacon
:: almond butter on hamburger

So, would you dare try any of these?

Reading, watching, eating

I’ve been reading some great stuff lately & I’ve been watching & eating some good things too.

In the last month or so I’ve read

  • James Frey’s first two books. He called them memoirs but it’s since become evident that he made up a lot of what happened. I still really liked both of them though. Before reading these books, my understanding of drug addiction and drinking problems was quite facile. I really feel like these books have the potential to keep young kids far away from alcohol!

PicMonkey Collage

  • I discovered that my local library has a whole box of plays in the HSC section and I’ve gone a bit nuts with them.

I read Pygmalion not long after Tiggs was born, because of her (middle) namesake – Eliza. Then I read Away. I have always loved and wanted to play Gwen and I forced Ian to listen to me recite some of her monologues. I read The Glass Menagerie & Waiting for Godot because I’m seeing both plays later in the year. Dags was one I acted in when I did drama classes as a teenager. I saw the cover and felt nostalgic! I found the play Stolen in the library box and the cover caught my eye. It’s about the stolen generation and I think every school student in Australia should have to read it. And then I read the Summer of the 17th doll because I’ve always heard about this play but didn’t know the story at all.

  • Two websites that I look at almost every day are All that is interesting and Altruism in the Morning. Both have amazing content. All that is interesting mostly displays beautiful photography from around the world. Altruism in the morning has a focus on the curation of quirky, interesting videos, stories and images. Check them out!
  • I also love this post that Maxwell Tielman wrote about her Mum.  I have superwoman as a Mum too so I could relate.
  • I liked this post about keeping emotion out of food choices.
  • And this post is a good one. It’s a reminder that everyone’s pain and stress is valid. When people go through hard times, their situation may not seem so tough to you but that makes it no less legitimate.

In the last month or so I’ve watched:

  • The entire season of My Kitchen Rules.
    We’ve never watched any cooking shows before but we got so involved in this show that we didn’t miss a single episode! Even though it was good to watch, we were totally over it in the end and have vowed to never again watch a show that airs so many night’s a week. Too much TV!!!
  • A few hours of The Voice, mostly online.
    Everyone’s talking about this show but I haven’t been able to get into it really. I just like the odd performance here and there.
  • The Flight of the Conchords Season 1 & 2 and Little Britain USA
    My brother in law gave me both Conchords DVDs for Christmas a few years ago and I’ve only just got around to watching them. I found the entire first season incredibly painful. It’s sort of awkward humour in the vein of The Office, rather than actually being funny to me like the IT crowd. But I pushed on and in Season 2 there was a couple of  pretty funny songs. Have you heard of Sugar Lumps? Or Too many dicks on the dance floor? Yep, they’re as bonkers as they sound. Both videos are worth watching if you want a good laugh!I also found Little Britian USA on my book shelf and realised that somehow I’d never watched it. I’m not sure how I forgot I had it, such was my obsession with this show! I even saw it live!

In the last month of so, I’ve been eating:

  • Cabbage salads. I’m not talking coleslaw but rather salads incorporating cabbage. They seem to be popping up in cafes around Sydney. Reminds me of all the cabbage salads Leigh and I bought daily when we travelled through Germany. And red cabbage?

What have you been reading, watching and eating lately?