52 lists – things I loved as a child

One of my favourite things to do when I was little was to go on adventure hunts in the backyard. Mum would give my sister and I each an ice-cream container and a list and send us to find certain things. Feathers, a fern leaf, a flower, a pebble, etc. She was such a good Mum.

I also loved to play on my go go ball. Try as I might, I have not been able to find a picture of one on the whole of the internets. Do you remember what they looked like? It was kind of  like Saturn and you could bounce around on the plastic frame around the ball. Mine was red and blue and Leigh’s was pink and yellow. Fun times.

I also loved: Things I loved as a kid

Viewmasters! Were they not awesome? And is there anything like them today? No.
Hyper colour tshirts! I wish these would make a comeback!
Mr Galliano’s Circus. My favourite Enid Blyton book.
Making letters out of dough then baking them.
Making jewellery out of flowers. Also looking for 4 leaf clovers.
Yearly ski trips.
Doing hand stands in the pool and making Mum judge them out of 10.
Warheads! I loved tricking my grandparents with these.
My little ponies. The original, vintage versions not the newfangled ones out today!

How bout you?

One thought on “52 lists – things I loved as a child

  1. I’m a bit older than you, so toy-wise my faves were different. I LOVED Enid Blyton though and loved reading… also Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew. I guess I still enjoy a good ‘mystery’ or crime novel!

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