Music Monday//Adele + Afro Circus

When I broke my phone last year, my lovely friend Kylie leant me her old iPhone for a bit. This was when I suddenly became an Apple convert. The other wonderful thing was that I found a long list of music on the phone that Kylie liked. It took me a good few months but I slowly worked my way through the tunes, discovering many new artists and rediscovering old ones.

One artist was Adele, who I kinda knew but not really. Are you a fan?

Someone like you makes my heart ache. It reminds me of a friend whose partner left her for another girl.

My second favourite is Set fire to the rain. Shesh kebabs but her voice is strong.

And of course, then there’s Rolling in the deep which was her first single.

If you’re a James Bond fan, you’ll know her song Skyfall from the latest movie in the series. I myself don’t care much for Mr Bond but I absolutely love this song.

And relatedly (or not), this is a song that I put on when I want to impress my husband with a crazy dance. Ra da da da da da da da!

2 thoughts on “Music Monday//Adele + Afro Circus

  1. LOL at that tune, that is hilarious!!

    I love Adele!! My fave would have to be Skyfall. It’s so amazing, and actually sounds like what a Bond tune ought to…you know? Other fave would have to be Rolling in the Deep. John Legend covered it back when he was here and I have to say he sung the shit out of it. Possibly best live music experience in history (for me)…goosebumps, hair at the back of neck raising stuff. Check it out!!

    Check out her first album, Daydream and Chasing Pavements is my fave :) Love that she was discovered on Myspace too! (but then, so was Bieber lol)

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