My own personal DIY’er

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire your own personal DIY’er. I mean, you can hire a cleaner. You can hire a gardener. You can hire a handy man. Why not someone who you can brief a little creative DIY project in to? You’d get your Pinty board ‘to dos’ cleared in no time!

If such a person was available, I’d get them working quick smart on making me a collection of these twine bottles.


And then I’d say ‘Now you get started on these nature organisers PRONTO’.

Then I would need them to whip up a few of these sunglasses cases.

And with any spare time left, I’d insist on rows and rows of heart garland like this.



What would you commission if you had a crafty minx at your disposal?

4 thoughts on “My own personal DIY’er

  1. Ooh some good projects there :) I have to say, that if I had a choice I would cheat on your question and have someone do my job while I pottered around doing DIY projects! #whatalife!

  2. A personal DIYer would be great. I’ve mentioned before in Debbish that I’m great with ideas but not so great on the follow-through. Thankfully in recent times I’ve had help from my SIL, mum and uncle… (But I hate asking for it!)

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