It’s Gats – tastic!


If you’re looking forward to seeing The Great Gatsby as much as I am, then you might like a couple of links I’ve come across this evening. 

Natalie did a little sneaky poo of the Gatsby spread in Vogue this month. You can check it out here

And if it’s the music you’re after, you can have a first listen here

How much longer do we have to wait Baz? 

8 thoughts on “It’s Gats – tastic!

  1. It looks so lush…I cannot wait to see it (might make it a goldclass experience! Wonder if I can speed read the book?!

      1. I will start as soon as I find my kindle charger! (Bought the ebook ages ago…just got sidetracked!).

  2. You obviously know how long I have been waiting for this and WHYYYYYY are there no preview shots of Leo?>???? Rude. Thanks for posting all these. I squealed when I saw them. ANNND perhaps my fave soundtrack of all time (Romeo+Juliet) may have a new contender.

  3. I’m not desperately excited about it but will probably go and see it. I recorded the Robert Redford version recently so I could refamiliarise myself with it!

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