It’s Gats – tastic!


If you’re looking forward to seeing The Great Gatsby as much as I am, then you might like a couple of links I’ve come across this evening. 

Natalie did a little sneaky poo of the Gatsby spread in Vogue this month. You can check it out here

And if it’s the music you’re after, you can have a first listen here

How much longer do we have to wait Baz? 

My own personal DIY’er

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire your own personal DIY’er. I mean, you can hire a cleaner. You can hire a gardener. You can hire a handy man. Why not someone who you can brief a little creative DIY project in to? You’d get your Pinty board ‘to dos’ cleared in no time!

If such a person was available, I’d get them working quick smart on making me a collection of these twine bottles.


And then I’d say ‘Now you get started on these nature organisers PRONTO’.

Then I would need them to whip up a few of these sunglasses cases.

And with any spare time left, I’d insist on rows and rows of heart garland like this.



What would you commission if you had a crafty minx at your disposal?

Autumnal leaves

I’ve just come back from a lovely little overnight stay in Canberra. It’s looking quite stunning down there right now.

We lay on our backs and gazed up at the blue skies, watching the sun stream through the trees. Then the Sheelster had some fun frolicking amongst the pretty leaves.

 Canberra, in all your autumnal glory, my breath was officially taken. 

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