Antigone Eliza

My sister and brother in law had an adorable baby girl last week and they named her Antigone Eliza.

I love her name and I love the girl herself even more. She is perfection. Beautiful!

My Mum and I were out walking when we got the news that Tigs had arrived. After a lot of squeals, we dashed home, crying big crocodile tears of joy and then quickly made our way to the hospital. Holding my niece when she was all of three hours old was such a wonderful feeling. I was staring down at her thinking – Wow! You’re the new one in our family and it’s going to be so much fun! You’re going to be my little friend that I can do silly dances with and wear funny hats for. We’re going to read together and make play dough and I’m going to get to be part of your life and watch you grow up and I just can’t wait for it all. But I want it to go slowly too so I can take note of every little thing.

So yes, I’m a little more than completely obsessed. Every time I get sent a new photo of Tigs, I share it with every living soul in a 50 km radius. I just love her so much.

This little munchkin looks so peaceful and pretty when she sleeps. And check out those biceps!

When she’s awake, she’s a  squigly, funny little babe. I could look at her for ever and ever.


What is even more beautiful though is seeing my sister with her first baby. Tigs is lucky because Leigh is already a good, good Mummy.

So I’m thinking that the gushing is getting out of control here. Can you stand it? In summary, I love my Antigone.

That’s all.

11 thoughts on “Antigone Eliza

  1. You’re making me miss my nephews! Miss Tigs is definitely a beauty, and yes, brawn with those little biceps! I bet she will grow up brainy as well! I don’t think there is ever too much gushing when you’re a proud aunty! Keep it (and the gorgeous pics) coming :) Congrats to you all for the precious new addition to your family! X

  2. She is so divine!!! Such a pretty little miss!!! Was hoping for more pics! Text me some anytime!! Lovely to read about her and to see it from angle as a very proud Aunty!! Look forward to hearing/ reading more about Tigs

  3. Oh my, that name, that gorgeous profile, that sweet face!! She is totally gushable!! Keep the gushing & the photos coming!!

    Congrats to you all on the awesome, adorable Antigone Eliza!

    J xx

  4. K, I’m a little flattered by this post. I’m so in love with my baby girl though. :) thanks Aunty Neen for being terrific with your niece. She certainly likes you a lot.

  5. I love the name and what a cutie…

    I was BEYOND in love with my niece when she was born. I was home in between two overseas stints and stayed regularly with my brother and SIL to help out. Miss Emily was 6mths old when I left to work in Cambodia and I cried the entire flight. I surrounded myself with pictures of her and was always desperate for news. (Fortunately?! there was a coup after I was there for 7mths and I came home!).

    One of the reasons I eventually settled back in Brisbane was to be near her. She was 4 at the time and I loved having her for sleepovers. She’s my only niece and was (is still, I guess) the love of my life.

    She’s now 16 and….. well, grunts a lot when I ask her things. I didn’t actually see much of her other than at eisteddfods, ballet concerts and the like over the past few years. She’s so busy and has so many commitments. BUT I always hold dear the time we had when she was little and I like to think she has some vague memories of that time as well.

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