52 lists – style icons

Do you have style icons? Because I don’t really. Style icons are not my thing, you know? It’s not something I think about.

So I looked to my ‘She’s got the look’ pinterest board, for inspiration. And I’ve realised that:

I like girls who wear jeans well. 



And red polish will always be my favourite. 

PicMonkey Collage

I’m also a fan of girls who look good in knee high boots. gbfgfgb




I also think Nat is gorgeous. She rocks jeans, she rocks boots, she rocks stripes. And even when she’s just sitting about, like below (pics from her blog), she looks supes cute!

PicMonkey Collage

5 thoughts on “52 lists – style icons

  1. I think you literally looked at my Pinterest board and copied all of the same photos! I love a good pair of jeans and a structured blazer. Chic, without trying too hard!

  2. Ooh I like those looks! I don’t really think I have a style icon. I don’t often achieve this but I think in my head I’d rather be timeless than fashionable (I usually dislike current fashions!). I also like and wish I could achieve Parisienne chic :)

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