52 lists – nice sauces and condiments

This is a bonus mini list. Fitting really because sauces and condiments are like a bonus in a way.

I don’t like to have lots of condiment bottles in my fridge (clutter!) but I do delight when I find them in other people’s. My friend Tim’s mother has so many different sauces and chutney and pickles that she could set up a shop.

I love:

Aioli – But I can’t make it myself because once I see the raw egg going into it I freak out

Mustard – the hot English, Australian and American varieties

Gravy – must be thick and brown NOT clear

Hot chilli sauce – I like it so hot that my skin goes beet red, my eyes well up with tears and my head feel like a house on fire

Worcestershire – delicious on eggs, on hot chips and on oysters

Soy – cos I think I was Asian in a past life

Pickles – especially with cheese, on a ploughman style sandwich

Chutney – with leftover roast beef, this is such a winner

Pesto – I love me some green sauce!

Chimichurri – I quite like this recipe.

What are your favs?

From Pinty

4 thoughts on “52 lists – nice sauces and condiments

  1. Mmm, my mouth is watering! I myself am a pepper gravy gal, mayo for chips and sandwiches (not the sweet kind!), chutneys are my current love (only recently developed a love for sweetish flavours with meat), pickles (dill, not gherkins), Indian pickles (mango, lime and eggplant are favs). Actually, the list could go on and on! Condiments are such a delight!

  2. I love gravy but hate the fake kind – prefer it made with juices of the meat you’re cooking. My SIL just used packet stuff. Blech! Would like to make aioli cos GF stuff is harder to find…

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