Lists so far

Just in case you’ve missed any:

01: Suburbs I’ve lived in
02: Jobs I have had
03: Favourite childhood TV shows 
04: Favourite smells
05: The best snacks
06: Things I do every day
07: Some of my favourite flowers 
Bonus list: Messy things I like
Bonus list: Nice sauces and condiments
08: Great things I’ve read lately
09: Favourite words
10: Good things to have for breakfast
11: Things to make me feel cosy
12: Games I like
13: Good Things To Bake 

52 lists – good things to bake

I like to bake. Although for me, it’s secondary to cooking. However my favourite smells to have wafting out of the oven are:

Pizza dough


Banana bread

Coconut bread

Roast dinners


Lebanese kibbeh

Zucchini slice

Potato bake



Eggplant parmigana

there is nothing cosier than the smell of baking crawling through the house!

There really is nothing cosier than the smell of baking crawling through the house!

52 lists – nice sauces and condiments

This is a bonus mini list. Fitting really because sauces and condiments are like a bonus in a way.

I don’t like to have lots of condiment bottles in my fridge (clutter!) but I do delight when I find them in other people’s. My friend Tim’s mother has so many different sauces and chutney and pickles that she could set up a shop.

I love:

Aioli – But I can’t make it myself because once I see the raw egg going into it I freak out

Mustard – the hot English, Australian and American varieties

Gravy – must be thick and brown NOT clear

Hot chilli sauce – I like it so hot that my skin goes beet red, my eyes well up with tears and my head feel like a house on fire

Worcestershire – delicious on eggs, on hot chips and on oysters

Soy – cos I think I was Asian in a past life

Pickles – especially with cheese, on a ploughman style sandwich

Chutney – with leftover roast beef, this is such a winner

Pesto – I love me some green sauce!

Chimichurri – I quite like this recipe.

What are your favs?

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