#52 lists – good snacky poos

What do you like to snack upon?

My faves are:

1) Apples

Cos an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

2) Dried seaweed

You get it from Asian grocery stores and its heaven. Selina and I are the only ones who seem to like it though.

3) A treat or two


4) A hommus wrappy rolly

This involves spreading home made hommus over a piece of cheese and then rolling it up in a piece of turkey. 130 cals per serve though…

From an insty account I follow called 100daysofcleaneating



3 thoughts on “#52 lists – good snacky poos

  1. I love seafood too!! That turkey wrap looks yummo. Would be nice on toast for brekky.

    Other snacks I love are cruskets, vita wheats, fruit, celery, hard boiled eggs, plain chobani and cucumber with salt!!

  2. All yum options! The wrappy rolly with hommus would be good on toast actually. Shall try. I saw that on an insty account I follow and have been on a bender ever since.

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