52 lists – things I do every day

So I’m having a lot of fun here. Are you enjoying these lists or are you bored to tears?

This latest list is pretty much a summary of my day. If I could draw, I’d turn this into an infographic!

Things I do every day:

Hit snooze at least twice

Reluctantly wake up

Think about exercising more

Wash my hair, tie it in a top knot

Get dressed

Moisturise – feet, hands and face

Put on foundation

Check social media news feeds

Drink coffee

Drink tap water

Read the news

Read a book

Learn stuff

Write lists




Roll my eyes

Use every swear word ever invented. Make up a few for good measure

Chat (too much)

Read blogs, read email, read texts


Put together a special dish I call dinner

Clean benchtops

Acknowledge that I’m unreasonably obsessed with clean benchtops


Put on a sarong

Pop pills – of the vitamin variety

Count my blessings


Text Sheela

Say I love you


7 thoughts on “52 lists – things I do every day

  1. Loving the listage! So interesting…I could never moisturise my feet in the morning…would feel like I was slipping in my shoes! And you wash ur hair EVERYDAY?! I couldn’t cope with the fluff factor!

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