52 lists – favourite things to have for breakfast

It’s the most important meal of the day but also my least favourite meal of the day. I am the most boring breakfast person in the world. I pretty much only eat:

Bircher muesli
This recipe is my current fav. I make it before I go to bed, ready for the next morning.

Avocado on toast with salt and pepper
My Mum always makes this for me when I stay at her house and it’s the only thing I can handle salt being added to.

Or fruit salad if I have the time.

I like plain Greek yoghurt – no sugar!

On the weekend I like to have scrambled eggs or hard boiled. No soft, runny yokes for me, oh no thanks.

Smoked salmon
With anything, on anything. Toast, bagels, cream cheese, ricotta cheese, capers – whatever the format, I’m a fan.

Now send me some inspiration please, how do you like to break your fast?


11 thoughts on “52 lists – favourite things to have for breakfast

  1. Avo & vegemite on grainy toast is definitely a fave of mine!
    Also banana & cottage cheese on toast or wrapped up in mountain bread with a dash of cinnamon. Yummo!! And cant forget a lovely, brew in my take away cup for in the car on the way to work :)

  2. Avo + vegemite on toast (nom)
    Avo with salt & toast
    Apricot & almond toasted muesli with strawberries, passion fruit & greek yoghurt
    Eggs on weekends, with sujuk if I have any in the house.

    Love this list, only now im starving!!!

  3. I think ur list was actually quite adventurous! I too like avo and Vegemite (no other ‘mite’ is acceptable!) on toast. And am currently in love with middle eastern brekkies…yummers!

  4. Smushed avo and sliced tomato on toast w salt & pepper; smushed banana on toast w cinnamon (standard for most work days); semi-runny poached eggs (must have toast for mopping) w salt & pepper added only after breaking the yolk; muesli w a dollop or two of yoghurt (5am Natural or Vanilla Bean) w blueberries or pitted prunes. Hard to resist anything resembling pancakes or involving potato rosti if having fancy cafe breakfast. Tomorrow: hot cross bun!!

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