The pace of things

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of appointments in your schedule? Not just work appointments but social appointments too?

I never used to be bothered by a fast paced, hectic life. I was the original busy bee. I loved having a million catch ups scheduled for every moment of the foreseeable future. I buzzed around, seeing and doing as many things as possible with as many people as I could. I took on every possible work project and involved myself in as many working groups as I could.

I don’t know what changed, I think I just got tired. I think I realised that I was getting quantity not quality. Now, when I look forward and see my diary cluttered with appointments I’m filled with nothing but stress and dread.

Right now, I feel tired and I feel slightly overwhelmed by life. I’m exhausted by activities from the past few weeks and I’m exhausted at the thought of the activity to come.

I’m a reformed busy bee is what.

I want time by myself. I want time with E. I want time to be able to spontaneously call friends and ask what they are up to that day. Then I just want the freedom to be able to catch up. Then and there.

But just because one is weary does not a pity party justify. I know I’m lucky to have a full life. I just need to find balance.  Any tips?

6 thoughts on “The pace of things

  1. I actually felt a bit like that at Christmas. I’m not working at the moment so don’t have the 9-10hr days I used to, but I had a lot of social stuff on at Christmas and I’m not good with being constantly busy. I’ve lived a solitary life in many ways so really need down and alone times or I struggle.

    I like your comment about the pity party though. So true.

  2. It’s a vicious circle, busyness. When you are busy, and you stop, you don’t rest, like proper rest, because you think you need to be busy. Slow is good. Slow cooking is a metaphor for a slow life. I yearn for it.

      1. My theory, and you know I like my theories, is that if you are not careful and give your brain a rest, it gets a momentum of its own. That’s how it felt to me.

      2. I have a theory, you know I like my theories, but if you don’t give your brain a rest, it gets it’s own momentum. That’s how it felt to me

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