A bunch of things

I’m happy to report that I’ve been commenting on more blogs recently. That was one of my new year’s resolutions.

What it means though is that I have less time to read blogs. Three times now I have gone into Google Reader, been overwhelmed by the number of unread posts and just marked everything as read. Each time I did that it felt liberating but now I’m beginning to wonder what I’ve missed.


There are so many different birds in my garden. My Mumzy-in-law has been helping me identify them all by their song. She also gave me a bird watching book. I used to think that people who were interested in birds were a bit weird but it turns out that I’m into them too. Although maybe you think I’m weird (hey now!)

Speaking of birds, I love these three pink beauties.Sharon Montrose

Sharon Montrose takes the most amazing photos – she’s like the Anne Geddes of the animal world. I also really love Rachel Hale’s animal photography.

Alissa has some really pretty flamingo cushions and they’ve set me off on a bit of a flamingo obsession. As a kid I was nuts about flamingos and now I’m loving them all over again.


I’ve decided that I need to get a pouf to go with my reading chair. It’ll be tricky to find one to match. I think maybe every reading chair needs a pouf. I think maybe everyone needs a sleigh rocking chair too. Or maybe that’s just me.

From Decor 8


I also think my house needs an injection of colour. As part of my ongoing 2013 photo sort out, I found some pictures of my Pyrmont flat. It was so bright! I was lumped with grey carpet and grey walls so I always made a big effort to have pops of colour around the place. It was also a very sunny little flat. I think my home now is walking too much on the muted side. Plus I read Décor 8 every day and my place quite literally pales in comparison with the homes on that site.


I’m really sick of the media. This isn’t new. Apart from all the dishonesty, I also dislike how negative it is. Seldom is anything happy reported. If it bleeds, it leads I guess. Gah!


We went to the cricket on Friday. I always have so much fun there! While I was watching I painted my nails white. I wonder if I’m the only person to ever have painted my nails at the cricket? We also ate a whole bag of red grapes. Have you noticed that all the wonderful summer fruit is starting to disappear from the shops? I don’t feel like I ate enough cherries this summer and now they’re all gone :(

I tasted durian today. Have you tried it before? It’s certainly not the most sexy smelling fruit. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it smells like death! I’m in no hurry to eat it again.

I tidied up my Pinterest boards. Do you ever look through your boards and realise you’ve pinned the same thing multiple times?

I have a lot of pictures of swings. I didn’t even know that I loved swings so much until I reviewed my boards.

I also have lots of pictures of cakes. Aren’t these gorgeous?

From PinterestThey certainly aren’t stark little cakes are they?

A couple of years ago, Sheela made this tall cake. I think I’ve shown you before. Sheela's cake

Between four of us girlies (plus Husband) we could only manage a sliver of it. It was insanely sweet but oh so pretty! Colour layering is my favourite.

While we’re talking about cake, I feel that this slinky chocolate number deserves a look in. Made by Katie Quinn Davies.

What katie ate


That’s all I got today folks. Over and out.

8 thoughts on “A bunch of things

  1. So much gorgeousness! Love those cakes, I cannot decide which I like the most :) I was having a bit of bird jealousy the other day…drove down a nearby street and was admiring the galahs I saw (while secretly rueing the cockatoos that swarm around my house – a bit tired of white and yellow, those birds really need to pick up their game!).

    I’ve eaten jackfruit as a kid (the same as durian?)…I do not want to go back to there!

    I have not painted my nails at the cricket – very accomplished of you ;), but I have done so at the football (made sure it was express dry so I could get on with the business of cheering!).

    I look forward to seeing pics of things you bring into ur home as you put ur stamp on it…look out decor8! X

  2. I love the look of the 100s and 1000s cake, plus the chocolate one at the end! And I’m the same – trying to inject some colour into my new place. My old place was all chocolate browns, navy etc but now I’m by the beach I figure the time for a change is nigh!

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