A rainy Monday

So yesterday was one kind of rainy day. The kind of day where you could walk along the river and get wet but it was ok. Today though, today was a whooooolllle other kind of rainy day. The kind of day where you wake up thinking you can go bushwalking but quickly realise you were insane for believing it was possible.

I think it’s rained now for about 40 hours and it seems to be getting harder by the minute! We sat around for a while this morning waiting for the sky to clear. Then we looked at the rain radar and realised we were going nowhere! Our rainwater tank has overflowed, there are puddles and leeches about and we can’t open a single window or door because water is blowing in by the bucket load.

Last night we had to skip the speedway car racey thing Ian wanted to go to because of the weather. Then today we ended up being stuck inside too. So what to do? Well, I used my time wisely and made these.


I made two different batches, one with peanut butter, honey &  quinoa flakes and the other with peanut butter, date syrup and quinoa. Both taste amazing. They’re moist and squishy and the perfect bite size. We now have four trays to work through!

Then I filled my freezer up with three different types of soup.

My kitchen was a fun place to be today.

Are you drenched where you are???


4 thoughts on “A rainy Monday

  1. Mmm, they look delicious! What a great use of ur time :) I had to feed the dogs at the doorstep from my dinnerbowls today, cos it was bucketing down so hard I didn’t want to step outside to brave the water and mud to retrieve their actual bowls! Glad I can stay indoors tomorrow. Will be thinking of all you 9 to 5ers :(

  2. I can just imagine how beautifully smelling your kitchen would have been yesterday! Cookies & soup, oh my! Yum!
    We didn’t do too much yesterday; geeked it up and went grocery shopping. Took Harley out to the park in the rain where he proceeded to get extremely muddy so had to bath him…Gracie got sick so she didnt come down :(
    Still so much rain…..

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