Things I’ve loved about December

December is hands down my favourite month of the year. There are festivities aplenty, generally resulting in me seeing everyone I love within the 31 day period.

Here is my big, fat, long list of all the fun times I’ve had this month:

– Dinner at Balla with the Williams plus a sleep over. Mel made green smoothies for breakfast. Noms.

– A play date at Juanita & Tims’s house. Mabel and Milly are SO.MUCH.FUN to hang out with!

– A trip to the Olive Tree markets in Newcastle with my sister and niece. We listened to the African drumming band that play there every month and delighted in the gorgeous artisan wares. There was also a saunter down Darby Street and some purchases in Essential Ingredient.

– A day of shopping in the City combined with two different catch ups with people named Andrew.

– Alissa’s birthday dinner at Bistro Papillion.

– Multiple dinner and Dexter sessions with Kys and Sheels

– Work Christmas party at The Fern where we did a cocktail making course and laughed A LOT!

– Christmas shopping with the Mothership and Sistership.

– Dinner with Danielle and Clairey. I love those girls an awful lot.

– Christmases! Christmas with my fam, Christmas with Ian’s fam. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.

– Spring cleaning. Yep. This is one of my fav things to do. Before heading off on holidays I cleaned out every single cupboard in my house and scrubbed every inch of our house to within an inch of its life. Total satisfaction.

– BYRON BAY! We’re here for New Years with Mel and Jay and it’s been blissfully relaxing. A week away with friends was just what the doctor ordered. The perfect way to end the year really.Their gorgeous doggy Harley makes everything just that little bit more fun.

– Visiting with Aunty Bee. She was down our way at the beginning of the month and then yesterday I drove from Byron to the Gold Coast to visit her. We do a lot of laughing together – it’s like therapy!

– I got a new phone! I love you dear iphone 5. And man I love being back with Telstra. My two year dalliance with androids and Optus is a period I’m glad to have ended.

– Babies. My sister and cousins are having them soon, Kat, Donna and Mandy have had them recently. There is cuteness surrounding me!

I love this time of year. Love!