Recently in numbers

Two photos: The Christmas sack I’ve had since I was about 2. It’s a bit retro now and possibly even a little vintage :) Also, a cute pic of Lis from our train trip the other day. We were trying to take a selfie but I couldn’t seem to actually get myself in the pic.
Lis and I

Three good books: Ape house by Sara Gruen, Tatiana’s table by Paulina Simmonds, Memories of my melancholy whores by Gabriel García Márquez.

Four tasty things: Traditional beef stroganoff with spaetzle + chilled dark chocolate soup with coconut ice cream and hazelnuts. Both from Bistro Papillon. Also, heirloom tomato & mozarella salad (foreground) + duck ragu with pappardelle (background), both from Balla.

Bistro Papillion


Also going on – baking, gum trees shedding bark, sunny weather, ice-blocks, reading, the usual.


2 thoughts on “Recently in numbers

    1. You’d love it. Although check the menu before you go. I don’t usually like French and there was a lot on the menu I was interested in so maybe it won’t be what YOU would like.

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