Cakes of cup

I mentioned once before that I used to be a cupcake fan. Then along came macarons and the humble cupcake was forgotten.

But these days, cupcakes are once again my sweet treat of choice. In fact, cupcakes have become somewhat of an international superstar, with bakeries around the world producing book after book of recipes.

Here’s a few of my favourite recipes from the books (and stores!) above.

If you like cake with a clean, simple flavour, then Magnolia Bakery’s Very Vanilla Cupcakes are the way to go. Magnolia in New York was actually the place to start the world wide cupcake trend. These vanilla cupcakes are apparently their most popular cake and I can understand why. They’re a great, light, sweet treat.

You can change the frosting colour to whatever tickles your fancy. I tried topping mine with persian fairy floss but the day I made the ones in the pic above, it was so hot that it kinda turned to dust.

The Hummingbird Bakery in Notting Hill, London has the best hummingbird recipe I’ve ever tried. And trust me, I’m a bit of hummingbird dilettante! These puppies are a triumph of banana and pineapple. A triumph! The recipe calls for decoration with nuts but you can really use whatever you like. I also substituted a few things, using gluten free flour and coconut oil instead of sunflower.

And lastly, chocolate cupcakes from the Crabapple Bakery in Melbourne. Sadly, this place is now only a wholesaler and not open to the public. But you can make your own!   The recipe is here, just scroll down the page to find it. When I made these, I used the frosting from this blog and I tell you, it is simply amazing in texture! The best frosting I’ve ever had.

So tell me, what treats are you loving right now?

4 thoughts on “Cakes of cup

  1. Oooh I saw the Magnolia bakeries in NYC, and both times the queues were hugggggge. And we went past one at like, 9.30AM. I thought about waiting, but it looked like it would be a while!

    What is a hummingbird cupcake? Pineapple and banana? I’ve never tried. I’ve seen it at the cupcake bakery, perhaps I will give it a try.

    I’m still loving macarons. So light and fluffy. I especially like the ones we had at the Sydney Westfield food court. I reckon they beat the Laduree ones downstairs.

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