Sorting out my inbox         

Listening to Bon Iver, Parlovr & Grizzly Bear, all recommended this week by bloggers I follow

Cooking peanut sesame noodles for dinner

Avoiding my back yard and the snakes I’m convinced it is riddled with 

Eating sushi with creamy, squelchy, Japanese mayo

Wearing jeans, a black long sleeved tee with a grey short sleeved tee over the top. Open shoes – hello spring!

Wanting time alone with my husband

Missing Friday afternoon cooking conversations with Andy

Thinking about all the chores I have to do tomorrow morning before I head into the city and wondering if I can fit in any baking

Reading a whole bunch of new blogs courtesy of Mel’s post earlier this week

Annoyed with IT issues at work that never seem to get resolved

Planning the exercise I’m going to do next week

Making this shelf, just as soon as I can find an old door to use

Watching Boss, with Kelsey Grammer. I was never a fan of Frasier because as a general rule, I’m not really into comedy. However I love Kelsey in this show. He does a fantastic job of playing the type of asshole I’d never, ever work for.

Obsessing over whether to get a Galaxy 3 or an iphone 5.

I’m joining Ali Edwards and many other people and documenting what is happening in my life right now today. What are you up to?