There will soon be a baby Kat

That stripey little bump down there is my friend Kat’s tummy. Inside is a little boy, who I’m lovingly referring to as Matty for now. He’ll more than likely have an Irish first name and a Maori middle name, but for now, he’s Matty.

This past weekend, Sheelster & Kys threw Kat a delightful baby shower. I got to play sous (pastry) chef and I must say it was a job I relished! No thinking required, I just did as head chef (Sheelster) requested. There was a Saturday afternoon cookie decorating session and a Sunday morning cupcake bake-a-thon. Oh, and a complicated Sunday afternoon funnelling project where I had to get squashed limes and crused mint into mini milk bottles.

The Sheelster of course did a stellar job of pulling it all together. Nobody does a function like the Sheelster does a function. She’s a genius that one. I plan to hire her for all future events that I host!

As for Kat. She’s going to be such a rocking Mum. I can’t wait to see her in action and I can’t wait to meet you little Matt-ster!

All photo credit goes to the Kat herself.