Friday 5 – tunes I’ve been listening to this week

1) Kishi Bashi’s Manchester
This dude is touring with Regina Spektor at the moment & I really wish he was part of her Australian tour later in the year. He plays the violin like a boss.

2) Zac Brown Band’s Chicken Fried
As a general rule, I don’t like country music but I find this song really cute! It’s from back in 2003 but is new to me. It gets good from about one minute & 13 seconds.

3) Wakey Wakey, Almost Everything
This song kind of makes my heart hurt. Every time I listen to it, I think of my friend who recently had her heart broken. 

4) Sufjan Stevens, For the widows in Paradise
Sufjan’s most well known song is Chicago & I like that too. But this one. It is particularly beautiful. I’ve seen some debate online about whether it’s religious or not, as he’s quite a strong Christian. Either way, it’s a moving piece.

5) The Givers, Up Up Up
I’ve been a bit giddy over the past few weeks. This song has contributed. It’s repetitive, and silly and a perfect backdrop for dancing around like a nut case.

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