Link love

I love a good link. Do you love a good link? Below are some links I’ve loved this week. What links have you loved?

The most amusing thing I’ve read this week reminds me of my possum situation! If you only do one thing today, let it be a reading this post.  You’ll ROFL, I promise. By the same blogger, I also chortled at this post.

Selina found this hilarious review of male hair removal products that had me laughing till I cried.  I literally cried. 

If you’re planning a trip to Brisbane, this is a good foodie post to read before you go.

Cute woollen purses with birds! And bees!

A book about making books.

Something delicious I cooked this week. Double the sauce, halve the noodles and add three types of capsicum.

Truer words have never been spoken over here on one of my Pinterest boards.

Gorgeous animals.

Want to make a fairy garden with the little girls in your life? Look no further…

Friday 5 – tunes I’ve been listening to this week

1) Kishi Bashi’s Manchester
This dude is touring with Regina Spektor at the moment & I really wish he was part of her Australian tour later in the year. He plays the violin like a boss.

2) Zac Brown Band’s Chicken Fried
As a general rule, I don’t like country music but I find this song really cute! It’s from back in 2003 but is new to me. It gets good from about one minute & 13 seconds.

3) Wakey Wakey, Almost Everything
This song kind of makes my heart hurt. Every time I listen to it, I think of my friend who recently had her heart broken. 

4) Sufjan Stevens, For the widows in Paradise
Sufjan’s most well known song is Chicago & I like that too. But this one. It is particularly beautiful. I’ve seen some debate online about whether it’s religious or not, as he’s quite a strong Christian. Either way, it’s a moving piece.

5) The Givers, Up Up Up
I’ve been a bit giddy over the past few weeks. This song has contributed. It’s repetitive, and silly and a perfect backdrop for dancing around like a nut case.