RIP fine dining

So many Sydney restaurants have been closing lately. It seems that every Tuesday when I open Good Living, there’s news of another closure. And so many places I never got to go to either!

I feel particularly bad for Justin North who now has only Becasse Bakery in Westfield left. Charlie & Co is still open but has been bought out (read, won’t be the same). 

Apparently hawker food is in and fine dining is out.

Here’s the latest lot of casulties.

3 thoughts on “RIP fine dining

  1. Oh no!!!! I never got to go to strangers with candy :( But on another note, i know that Justin will rise again :)

  2. I may have to go into mourning for Becasse & Etch…. but good riddance to Ad Lib Bistro!
    And I can’t believe I didn’t get to Bilsons or Assiette :(

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