Friday 5 – a few of my favourite things

I’ve been thinking this week about whether material items make me happy. It seems that sometimes they do. Here’s a few things I’m loving right now.

1) My owlies
Selina gave me the pale, spooky looking green owl for my birthday in April. Then Mel  & Jay bought E & I the dark green, stern looking owl as part of a house warming gift. The two of them look so cute sitting above our fire place. 

2) This lovely print of La Grand Place in Brussels – one of my favourite locations in the world!

3) Nude by Nature, Oil Free Moisturiser.
I only just bought this product on Wednesday but already my skin is clearer, brighter, smoother. I realise I sound like an infomercial but it’s true! I guess there really is something to be said for Mineral based products. Currently looking into their other products!

4) I love this money box. Would it be silly to buy it for myself? I love the whimsy and the Enid Blyton-esque style. And at $5, it’s so cheap, it’s practically free! Yeah, I can justify anything.

5)  All of the illustrations by this artist.

8 thoughts on “Friday 5 – a few of my favourite things

  1. Am intrigued by the moisturiser as I’m looking for something new. Actually I’m looking for something tinted I could wear inside in airconditioning. I haven’t tried mineral-based moisturiser or foundations before though!

    1. I really want to try their foundation now. The moisturiser is great. I also went and got their Nude Oil which “works to diminish the signs of scarring, stretch marks”. I’m not sure if I’m meant to be using it on my face but I am and so far, so good!

  2. hahahha great minds think alike :) I love all the things sitting on your mantel, especially the crinkly vase. And I saw the Nude line of products somewhere the other day…may have to give them a go! And I say yes to the money box. Super cute, looks very 70’s!

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