A curation of cute

There’s a few arty farty peoples who’ve caught my eye recently.

Cake with Giants is one of them. I love everything about this style of illustration.

I also love this gentleman who appears to be quite clever at making things using colorfully painted wood. I’m in the market for some door mats and I’m thinking very hard about whether I could make some of these work at my place.

This crocheted camera bag would be a sweet gift for instagram die hards. The whole  range in this little etsy shop is adorable!
There’s something kind of Mary Poppins-ish about this. Of course I love it.
Even though I’m utterly hopeless at it, I love anything origami related. From here.

Have you come across any cute items online lately?

2 thoughts on “A curation of cute

  1. All gorgeous things! I do believe that doormat would go very well on your doorstep :) I’m having a love affair with the colour orange right now and also toadstools…I am nothing if not a slave to trends!

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