Things I’ve loved about July

So lets get the pesky stuff out of the way first. Tonsillitis. Yep, I got it this July. My Dad laughed at me when I told him. “Tonsillitis is for babies,” he said. Babies or not, I got it. It sucked. And for the rest of the month I’ve had a cough. Coughity, cough, cough, cough.


July has still been damn good. Highlights:

Visits from friends
We had Kel, Josh & Coops come to check out our new place. And then a trio of Williams came to stay. Two of our favourite families in the one month?  Whoo to the hoo!!

Other catch ups
– Sheela came for dinner a couple of times and on both occasions we had some good, solid, robust laughter :)
– She also dropped over a big pot of lentil soup when I was ill. Bless her cotton socks, it made me feel infinitely, infinitely better. Another time she delivered some of her home made tiramisu just because she’d made too much of it. My stomach has nothing but kind words to say about that girl.
– Dinner with the A team. While Husband spent a night back in Pyrmont watching footy with Jay, I went North Side for quality time with Andrew & Alissa. We had pizza at 3 addictions in Neutral Bay. The food was sublime and the waiter looked like Adrian Grenier. It is indeed a place to revisit. 

The theatre
Husband and I saw an Australian Chamber Orchestra performance that was quite possibly the highlight of my month. It was a beautiful string quartet playing Chubert’s Trout and then Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time. It was utterly, utterly magical. I feel inspired to play the violin again. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I also went with my good friend Rosetta to see Death of a Salesman at Belvoir. It.Was.Amazing. The acting was BRILLIANT! In fact, it was so intense and so moving that I realised a couple of times that I was actually holding my breath. That’s the sign of a good performance isn’t it? When the audience faints from lack of oxygen. The play is certainly something to see.

The yums

– My usual Cold Rock formula is rum & raisin with gummy bears and cookie dough mooshed through. This month I tried out chocolate icecream with a smashed up chocolate brownie. It was the most chocolatley chocolate thing that ever was.

– Alissa made hummingbird cake, Andrew made me a pretty coffee. I think I’ll have to insist on dropping by their place more often.

– Strawberry shortcake macaron from Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffé. An insanely good use of $3!

I also loved this box of goodies from Iku. There was a rice ball, millet ball, tofu pocket, tofu fritter, rice paper roll, musubi, nori roll, polenta slice & cous cous slice. Delicious.

What were the best bits of your July?

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