Date night & dip

“You haven’t watched Friday night football with me in aggggeeesss”, Husband declared last week.

Well goodness. I didn’t realise I’d been so remiss in my wifely duties. Truth be told, I can’t EVER remember watching Friday night football with him, but if Friday night naps on the couch have masked themselves as football dates, then I’m ok with that.

And thus, date night this week was a dose of NRL with a bacon and double cheese burger dip on the side. Cos you know how I like to make bun free versions of burgers.

This photo (and the recipe) is courtesy of Kevin’s Closet Cooking. Make sure you substitute all dairy for low fat versions, otherwise you may very well die of a heart attack. You’ve been warned!

6 thoughts on “Date night & dip

  1. Friday night naps…too funny! I’ve clearly got issues, I cannot get passed the name! If you put that dip in front of me I would dig into it. If you put it in front of me and said ‘voila…bacon cheeseburger dip!’ I’m afraid I would make up an excuse to leave!

  2. I’ll just quote the intelligence of Mr Homer J Simpson….“[strained] You know that feeling you get when a thousand knives of fire are stabbing you in the heart? I’m having that right now…[normal] Ooh, bacon!”

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