Our place

We’ve been in our new home for 7 weeks now and we’re kind of in love with it. It’s amazing that we’ve ended up in total suburbia (which we vowed we’d never do) and yet it’s so private. Once you step inside our house, or walk into the backyard, you don’t really see or hear any neighbours.

We live on 1500 sqms that backs onto State Forest. It’s bushy and peaceful and feels like the middle of nowhere.

People have been asking to see photos so I thought I’d share some first of the property.

Our house – what you see from the backyard looking back up. From this perspective, it’s like we live in the trees :)
Our bushy back yard
The backyard – what you see when you’re sitting on the back verandah
The front yard
Standstones steps leading from the front of the house to the carport under the house.
Steps going from the front yard down to the washing line. I have a washing line! Like a grown up!

We love our little world.

6 thoughts on “Our place

  1. Gorgeous!! It looks so dense and beautiful. All the little steps are glorious :) I do think it looks very appropriate for an Easter egg hunt. Bliss :)

  2. wow
    you have your own state forest in your backyard
    what a great place to play hide and seek
    i am delighted and soooooooooo very happy for the both of you that you are so happy there
    i would love to come and visit
    i check your weather forecast every day to see if you are going to be warm
    love your dearest aunty beezwax

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