Friday 5 – songs I’m loving this week

Five songs I’m love, love, loving this week:

1) Love, love, love
by Of Monsters & Men

Of Monsters & Men are an indie folk/indie pop band from Iceland. Little Talks and Dirty Paws are their two most well known singles but my favorite is  Love, Love, Love. It’s pretty. And they sing the word ‘love’ a lot. Which I love. How alarming is their album cover though? Those white legs? Eek!

2) Sun hands
By Local Natives
Husband doesn’t really like this song. Which is strange to me as he usually likes all kinds of different music. But he claims that this song sounds ‘too country for his tastes’.  I say whatevs Husband! It’s a freaking indie rock song and it makes me want to throw my hair around and dance.

3) The things we’ve grown to love
by All the Day Holiday

This little indie band is from Cincinnati and I like their kind of rock. Sadly, they’re on an indefinte hiatus. Come back soon!

4) Hey Joe
by Blitzen Trapper

This quintet is kinda country, kinda folk. It’s not my usual my sort of thing but for some reason I really like the harmonica in this song. I’m also loving a couple of their other pieces; Maybe Baby & War is Placebo.

5) Dark Parts
by Perfume Genius

I’ve saved the best for last. I just discovered this guy through a blogger I follow. This song gives me goosebumps. I also love Take me Home.

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