Cute gift idea for the small people in your life

If you’re like me and have a whole bunch of kids parties to attend, then boy oh boy do I have a cute gift idea for you. Scrabble frames are a great gift for kiddies who have a first and middle name with one letter that’s the same. The lovely Amanda Holmes will whip one up for you. If you’ve got a kiddywink who doesn’t have a ‘crossable’ middle name, then you can still have scrabble tiles, but with a cute vintage picture instead.

Below are a few I’ve ordered before.

You can contact Amanda at or on 0432 695 393. I think maybe I need to get one for Husband and I. Ian and Janine cross quite nicely don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “Cute gift idea for the small people in your life

  1. So sweet. And memorable (it won’t just end up in the “broken toy” pile! I do believe one for you and husband could not be more perfect :)

  2. So cute – I like!
    I panicked when I thought Jay & Mel couldnt be done, then Mr Williams reminded me that I could use my full name!!! Doh! Jay & Melissa cross just nicely :)

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