When it just makes sense

You know how sometimes you read or hear something and it just makes perfect sense? Like someone has looked into your brain and articulated the thoughts swimming around in there? I’ve heard things that fall into this category lately. The best of the bunch are:


Being a lover of holistic nutrition is not just about what we put in our mouths. It’s about integrating and balancing the nutritional, environmental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. It’s about feeding ourselves with real food, sunshine, clean water, healthy relationships, time in nature, fresh air, laughter & creative pastimes“. From Mind Food.

“Gratitude is not to be confused with indebtedness. Indebtedness is simply a feeling of obligation. And as a feeling, obligation has none of the mental health benefits of gratitude.” From Peppermint Magazine.

And as said by Anh Do’s Dad (quoted) in The Happiest Refugee:

“Always question your fear. There’s almost never a good reason to be scared.”

“There are only two times in life. There’s now and there’s too late”.


Have any words really resonated with you lately?