The ‘to eat’ list

I have many lists. A ‘to read’ list, a ‘to watch’ list, a ‘to visit’ list and a whole bunch of others.

Some lists have more than 200 items on them. They’re all housed within one master spreadsheet that owns me helps me keep track of things I want to do. One of these lists is about things I want to eat. Food to try or retry. Here’s a few things on it at the moment:

Tamales with prickly pear & tequila salsa
I’ve never had a tamale and I haven’t eaten a prickly pear since I was a kid. I found this recipe here and to be honest, anything this blogger posts goes on to my to eat list. He has an amazing way with words and beautiful photography.

Pumpkin pie porridge
I’m not a massive fan of porridge but when I do eat it, I like to mix stuff through. Usually I have chopped dates or peanut butter or honey. I’ve been thinking that adding some mushed up pumpkin and a bit of cinnamon has the potential for serious yums. What do you think?

Peanut butter mousse
Mousse is my dessert of 2012. It’s making a come back I tells ya. Peanut butter mousse has the potential to be sickly sweet. But look, I’m prepared to give it a go.

I’ve only had Korean food a few times and I’d like to give Bibimbap another go. Although having said that, the first and only time I ever ordered it, it was at a team lunch and Andy had to coach me through what to do with the big raw egg in the middle! I find such yokiness a tad overwhelming.

Speaking of Korean food, does anyone know where I can buy pre made kimchi?

Sword fish
I’ve never had it. Can you believe that? Me! Lover of seafood! It’s true. I’ve never tried Mr Swordfish. Goodness!

Fried green tomatoes
Just cos I really liked the movie…

Caprese tart
I mean look at them. Enough said, right? DELISH!

Coconut flour muffins
I haven’t tried coconut flour yet but oh, I want to.

Egg foo young
I like it when food has a funny sounding name.

A gaytime from the Abercrombie in Broadway
I keep reading about the Abercrombie’s gaytimes. Nobody has actually said anything particularly amazing about them but I still want to try.

Green cheesy mish mash soup
Cos I love a mish mash! Sarah’s done a video recipe  and I really like that concept.

A puffer cake
I like the name, I like the shape and I really like a chocolate/sprinkle combination.

What’s on your to eat list?



6 thoughts on “The ‘to eat’ list

  1. Oh boy, does that slow cooked pork for the tamales look good! Do you ever make things that you dislike? I think you are very gastronomically adventurous! I love food but I do tend to stay firmly within the square! Cheeseburger soup, pumpkin porridge, peanutbutter mousse…not for me…too many psychological barriers to get passed! Things on my ‘to make’ list include: quince paste (still!), upside down cakes of all varieties, a baked or fried whole fish (maybe Vietnamese style) and tart tartan. Your time starts…..NOW!

    1. Your list of ‘to makes’ sounds amazing! I have plans for a lasagne soup. I think I may have mentioned this….and your coming over to try it!

      That cheeseburger soup was awesome by the way!

  2. ooooh what a good to-do-food list!!! I’ve heard a few people talk about the Sing Kee Asian grocery store in Parra. Im not sure where it is, but Im sure they’d have ready made KimChi.
    As for the Caprese tart…they are soooo easy to make! You should make one today. You know about my obsession with tomatoes and I often make these for a Sunday brunch. And get thee to a fish monger to by some swordfish – its delicious. Better than a tuna steak!

  3. Fruits de mer in the south of France. Lobster. Diver caught scallops. Sea urchin. Wagyu beef. Profiteroles

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