The awesomeness of May and June

I’ve loved the last couple of months. Here’s some photos from May and June.

* Squids ink linguine at Pasta Vera, Pyrmont. The week I moved to Pyrmont, someone recommended Pasta Vera to me. It took me the whole 11 years to get there but it was worth the wait!
* Beautiful flowers from Tomas & Jones
* Wilkins and Kent on Little Bourke Street, Melbourne. I want every ceramic item in their window. Love that store!
* My favourite winter nail polish
* My flat, all packed up
* Beef bourguignon in mini pots – dropped around by Sheela on one of the first days in our new place.

Melbourne art below:

Top row = my favourite pieces at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne University

* I was too perplexed by the first piece here to write down what it was. Let’s just call it the Weirdo piece by Weirdy McWeird
*Vivienne Shark LeWitt, If the shoe doesn’t fit must we change the foot?
* John Brack, Two Typists

Bottom row = my favourite pieces at The Ian Potter Centre, National Gallery of Victoria

* Bronte Berenger, I promise to never get paint on my glasses again
* Wall of Indigenous masks
* Sidney Nolan wall


My favourite pieces of Indigenous art at the Ian Potter Centre,
National Gallery of Victoria


* Rock the Ballet fun. Not the best show I’ve ever seen but a good night out
* My cute little sleeping husband
* Mexican dinner club with Mel & Jay at El Loco, Surry Hills
*Beautiful housewarming flowers from Leigh and David that lived three whole weeks! I guess they stayed so fresh because our house is pretty much like a cold storage container!
*Long weekend in the ACT with my homies Kys, Sheels & Kat. And yes, that is Kylie sitting on top of the ACT sign reading a book. Cos that’s how we roll.

Below: Friends’ babies & fur babies
Kat’s  doggies -Irish Wolfhound Murphy who when standing up, is as big as a pony! Her staffy Lucy has the most expressive eyes I’ve ever seen on a dog.
*Harley Williams who can communicate whether he wants to wear his jumper or not. He’s possibly a shape shifter.
*Amber’s new baby girl,  Skye Willow.

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