Happy (sort of) birthday G-ma

If my Grandmother was still around, today would have been her birthday.

She passed away 7 years ago after a long, brave battle with leukemia.

I was truly blessed to have had her in my world because she was a woman with a real zest for life!

Situ was a people person with a fantastic sense of humour and a wicked laugh. She was excitable, thoughtful and had the most hectic schedule of anyone I have ever known. She got involved in as many clubs, charities and activities as she possibly could because she liked to pack as much into every day of her life as she could.

If I can be even half the person she was, I know I’ll have a life well lived.

RIP Situ. You were a rock star!

5 thoughts on “Happy (sort of) birthday G-ma

  1. I am reading this from my phone at work (tsk tsk!), and one of the little pre-kindy boys looked over my shoulder and said: “can I see that princess?” Your grandmother does look like a princess, and she also sounds like a big hearted and amazing woman. I bet, were she still with you, that she would be proudly boasting about what a wonderful woman her granddaughter had become :)

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