This picture reminds me of…


Apparently when the Zombie apocolypse comes, her & my husband are going to turn into strategic, super ninjas. They’ll protect her husband & myself.

Jay & I will be left to collect fire wood and bake cakes. Sounds like a pretty good gig.


Art by Nan Lawson

3 thoughts on “This picture reminds me of…

  1. I likey! Although I will be wearing combat fatigues and my bow will be of the compound variety. Ian & I will protect our peeps (even if you do steal my dog in your dreams)!

    1. Haha, it makes me laugh to think about Ian’s seriousness after I told you guys about that dream.

      “Just so you know, if you did take Harley, I’d tell them. I’d call Jay and say ‘Hey! Janine has your dog!’.

      So funny….and I promise I would never steal him!

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